Last week I put together a party plan for those of you who are hosting your first Thanksgiving. Well, what about the rest of us seasoned pros who are excitedly awaiting the biggest dinner of the year? This week I'm giving you special attention by creating a wonderful plan for a traditional Thanksgiving! 100 percent classic and 100 percent homemade, down to every little detail starting with the invitations.

I wanted the invites to be crafty and warm, with a fun and festive turkey. To see how I made them, read more

To make a similar invite you will need:

  • cardstock in various shades
  • decorative paper
  • rhinestones (optional)
  • feathers
  • scissors
  • circular shaped template
  • pencil
  • gluestick
  • computer and printer

To assemble the invite:

  1. Start by creating a new Word document. Write out the details of your party. On my invite I wrote, in the font Plantagenet Cherokee, size 16, the following:
    Please be our guest on Thanksgiving Day
    as we gather at our table for a feast
    to reminisce and give thanks.

    Thursday November 22, 2007
    4 o’clock in the afternoon
    PartySugar’s House, San Francisco

    Please let Party know if you would like to bring a dish to the dinner.

    Rsvp by November 20

    Print out a test copy of the text and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Once satisfied, print out on the cardstock. Cut down to size. Set aside.

  2. With the glue, mount the decorative paper on BOTH sides of another sheet of cardstock. Cut down to size: about an inch to an inch and a half larger than the text.

  3. Glue the text to one side of the invitation.

  4. Next cut out the shapes to make a turkey. A circular body, oval head, triangular nose, little clawed feet. Or download this template to help make the shape of a turkey's body.

  5. Glue the pieces together to form the body of a turkey.

  6. Glue several feather to the backside of the invite. Glue the turkey body on top of the feathers. Glue a rhinestone eye to the turkey face. Set aside to dry.

  7. Slide into an envelope and send!