Easter is this weekend and I know some of you have been asking me to help you plan your Easter dinners and brunches, so let's get started right away with making an invitation to an Easter themed meal. When I was deciding what kind of party to host this year, I was torn between Easter dinner and Easter brunch. I have recipes for both roasted marinated lamb and breakfast bread pudding that I've been wanting to try out... so I'm planning one fabulous party and offering you two menu choices.
If you want to make a dinner use the dinner menu, and if you prefer to host a brunch follow my brunch menu suggestions. But before we can even think about the menu we must invite our friends and family. Come party with me, it's my favorite time of the week: invitation making time so, read more

Eggs, bunnies, and the sunny colors of yellow and green come to mind whenever I think Easter, so I've incorporated all of these things into my invitation.

To make the invitation you will need:

To assemble this invitation:

  1. Start on your computer by creating a new word document. Choose the insert shape icon and insert an oval shape the size of your choice. Change the settings so there is no fill and the oval is outlined in the color green instead of black. Inside the oval (egg), in the green text of your choice (I used Harrington, size 12, Bold), write out a friendly message along with the details of the party:

    Spring has arrived!

    Miss PartySugar would like you
    to attend a brunch to celebrate
    the refreshing season of rebirth.

    Sunday, April 8 2007
    11:30 am

    PartySugar’s House
    San Francisco
    Rsvp 415.555.5555

    If you are hosting a dinner rather than a brunch substitute the word dinner for brunch and 7:00 pm for 11:30 am.

  2. Print a test copy of the information on plain white paper. Adjust as necessary to your liking.

  3. When you are satisfied with the basis of the invitation print out on the yellow cardstock.

  4. Cut the oval/egg out leaving a small border surrounding the green oval printed on the yellow paper.

  5. Glue the back of the yellow egg onto the back of the decorative glitter paper.

  6. With the yellow egg side as your guide cut the decorative paper down to size.

  7. Voila! Your simple Easter invitation is finished. Prepare the invite to send by placing it in the middle of your green recycled paper. If desired sprinkle extra green glitter onto the invite.

  8. Fold the green paper up around the invitation like you would wrap a present, taking care to ensure that the sprinkled glitter stays inside.

  9. Tie shut with a yellow ribbon formed into a pretty bow. Slide into an envelope and send.

What kind of invitation would you use to invite your friends and families to a spring themed dinner or brunch? Share your ideas with us below. And if you are hosting an Easter event come back throughout the week to check out all of my inspiring Easter ideas.