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Come Party With Me: End Of Summer BBQ - Invites

This is my least favorite party of the entire year. Summer is, in my opinion, the best part of the year, so hosting a party that heralds its bon voyage always puts me in a depressed mood. However planning a party, no matter what kind, always puts a smile on my face. Labor Day is this weekend so I plan on throwing together a blow out bash. To start things off, learn how to make these childlike hot dog shaped invites. Just read more

To make an invitation similar to the one shown here you will need:

  • cardstock in various hot dog shades, one light brown for the bun and a darker brown for the dog
  • computer & printer
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue

To assemble a similar invite:

  1. Create a new document in Microsoft Word. Write the details of the event. On the invite shown here, in Britannic Bold size 12, I wrote

    The dog days of summer are winding down and there’s time for one last hurrah!
    Please join me in a celebration of the end of summer.

    Saturday September 1, 2007
    4:00 pm
    PartySugar’s Backyard, San Francisco

    Rsvp 415.555.5555

    Print out a test copy of the text and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Once you are satisfied with the inside of the invite, print out on the hot dog colored cardstock.

  2. Cut the cardstock in the shape of a hot dog leaving the text in the middle. Set aside.

  3. Cut the second piece of bun colored cardstock into a bun.

  4. Slice a slit inside the bun so that the dog can rest gently inside.

  5. Slide the hot dog inside so that part of the text peeks out. With the ribbon color of you choice (I actually prefer mustard with my hot dogs, but thought red would look better) glue a small piece onto the bun in a squiggly line. This will act as ketchup.

  6. Voila your hot dog bun invite is done! Send in envelopes with the addresses printed in your best hand writing.



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