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Come Party With Me: Graduation - Invites

If you are in charge of planning a graduation party this year - whether it's for a sixth grader who's heading off to junior high or a medical student who's finishing their PhD - be sure to follow along in this week's party plan. All week I'll be providing you with inspiring ideas, delicious dishes, and much more to help make your grad bash the most memorable party around. Remember it's your party and you can be as traditional or nontraditional as you want. Sure you could spend a bunch of money on formal announcements with matching invitations, but you could also create an equally intriguing invitation on your computer at home like I'm doing for my little sister. To see what I've put together in no time at all read more

Tricia, my sister is graduating from college on June 17. She doesn't want to send out super stuffy invitations and asked me to incorporate the symbol of her sorority, the fleur de lys, into a simple yet stylish announcement instead. It's a good idea to keep the invite easy because you will want to send out lots of announcements. To make a similar invitation you will need:

  • a symbol or image such as the one below
  • a computer & printer
  • cardstock
  • glue
  • scissors

To assemble a similar invitation:

  1. Start by adding a border to your symbol image. Once satisfied with the image print out.

  2. Create a new document in word. Write out the details of the graduation and the party. Make it clear whether the guest is invited to the commencement ceremony, the party, or both. For Tricia's I wrote the following in the text Snell Roundhand, size 16:
    The Dean, Faculty & Graduating Class of the
    Eleanor Roosevelt College at USCD
    Are proud to announce the commencement of

    Patricia Hogan Sweeney
    With a degree in
    International Relations & Migration Studies
    Sunday the 17 of June
    Two Thousand And Seven

    Please join her family in a toast to the grad
    With appetizers and champagne
    Sunday evening, 7:00 pm
    PartySugar’s House, San Francisco

    Rsvp 415.555.5553

    Print out a test copy and double check the spelling and information before you print out a massive quantity.

  3. Print out on the cardstock of your choice.

  4. Glue the fleur de lys symbol page to the back.

  5. Slide into an envelope, address with your best handwriting and send.

Whose graduation are you celebrating this year? How will you be saluting their accomplishments? Please share with me below!



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