This Saturday night, I'm co-hosting a blowout Halloween Bash. My girlfriend Emily came to me at the end of September and asked if I would help her plan a costume party. Never one to say no to hosting a party, I excitedly said yes.

We decided on a date — the Saturday before Halloween — and got busy making invitations. We chose to send the invites via snail mail, instead of through email or Evite, in order to set the tone for the party and give everyone enough time to come fabulously disguised. To see how I made this simple yet spooky invite, read more

To make a similar invitation to the one seen here, you will need:

  • cardstock
  • transparent paper
  • a stapler
  • scissors
  • computer and printer
  • a fun Halloween image

To assemble the invite:

  1. Start by dragging your image to a new Word document or blank Photoshop file. My image of a bloody knife and splattered "blood" is a picture I took after I pitted several bunches of cherries while making ice cream sandwiches this Summer. Crop the image to your liking and add the text Come if you Dare... in a haunting font. (I used Lucida Blackletter in bold.) Print out a test copy and, if you're satisfied with the look, print it out on the transparent paper. Set aside.

  2. Create a new Word document and type out the details of the party. My invitation says:

    …to a freakishly fabulous Halloween bash.
    All goblins, ghosts and ghouls welcomed.
    Come dressed in costume or be prepared to pay the price.

    10 pm, October 27, 2007
    San Francisco, CA 94117

    Regrets only…
    PartySugar 415.555.5555

    Print out on a plain sheet of paper and carefully check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Ask someone else to take a look at it, because they might notice something you forgot. Once happy with the text, print it out on the cardstock.

  3. Cut both the front and back of the invitation down to size.
  4. With a stapler, staple the two sides to each other, back to back. Staple twice, making an X, on the left-hand side of the invite.

  5. Send in an envelope with the address written in your best handwriting.

Lots more of this party to come! Is anyone else hosting a costume bash? If so, tell me about your invites below.