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Come Party With Me: Oscars Viewing - Music

Feb 23 2007 - 9:14am

Lights, camera, action! It's almost showtime for my Oscars watching party [1] where I'll dish on the best dresses, recap the most heart warming speeches, and enjoy the show in the comfort of my own home surrounded by my friends. If you follow my extensive party plan, you too can entertain during the Academy Awards. Start by mailing hand made invitations [2] with gold foil Oscars. Next plan a menu using recipes Wolfgang Puck [3] will serve to the stars at the Governor's Ball [4] (such as bruschetta [5], pizza with caviar [6], and lemon bars [7]). Serve Departinis and champagne [8]. Decorate [9] your living room with gold tones, white flowers, and roll out a red carpet. You may be thinking, wow she's made this so easy for me by thinking of it all... but not so fast, there is one more step in this equation: the music. To see my soundtrack for the ultimate Oscars viewing soirée,

A soundtrack is an essential component in a movie, one that can raise the excitement, set the mood, or induce fear. Likewise, a soundtrack for a party is equally important. What would a party be like without music? More like a lecture or group therapy. Translation: not very fun. Although the majority of the fiesta will be spent watching the television, music is necessary in the down moments, when guests arrive, and after the show. Everyone has a few soundtracks lying around, so pop those in the disc changer (or iPod playlist) and hit random (or shuffle). You can even turn it into a little trivia game and have guests guess which movie the song that is playing is from.

BuzzSugar [10] recently asked readers to compile a list of favorite soundtracks [11] and here are my suggestions:

For mixed music the soundtracks from:

For epic motion picture music without lyrics:

What's on your playlist for Oscar night? Tell me about it below. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a super-special, extra, bonus Come Party With Me [12] that will tell you how to make sure your Oscar night will be one to remember.

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