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Come Party With Me: Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner - Invitations

Come Party With Me: Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner - Invitations

Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to plan a romantic dinner for two: you and your (insert boyfriend / girlfriend /lover /husband /crush) here. I love planning romantic dinners. When I was living with my Spanish ex-boyfriend I surprised him once a week with a romantic dinner. Unfortunately I won't be having a romantic dinner any time soon, but with my plan you can prepare one for your honey. If you have never created a romantic dinner then you must make one next Wednesday. Even if your squeeze is one of those unromantic types, I guarantee that he/she/it will be impressed, touched, and satisfied with your efforts. To see how I suggest you invite your sweet significant other, read more

You have two options when it comes to romantic dinners:

1. Surprise him (this is what I would do). Tell him you want to have a low-key Valentine's Day (it is on a Wednesday) and dine with him at your side at your favorite pizza place. He will be relieved that there is no pressure to do something extravagant. He must of course pick you up at your house. When he does (or if you live together, when he comes home from work) have the dinner cooking, the house transformed into a romantic haven (don't worry I'll tell you how to do this on Thursday's Come Party With Me), and be wearing a sexy outfit (ex. his nice white collared shirt only the three middle buttons buttoned, your new sexy Dolce & Gabbana undies, long pink knee socks, tousled heavenly hair) . He will be floored and incredibly surprised.

2. Send him the following seductive little love note.

To make the love note invitation you will need:

  • computer (if you are reading this you have one)
  • printer
  • scissors
  • cardstock (in a valentine hue: red, black, hot/light pink)
  • pen (in a valentine hue)
  • the image below (I told you I was doing everything for you!)
  • gluestick
  • pink envelope
  • red lipstick

To assemble the invitation:

  1. Open Microsoft word on your computer. Drag the hot pink/light pink tiger print image into the document.
  2. Insert a textbox onto of the image. Change the preferences of the textbox so the there is no line and no fill.
  3. In the font of your choice (I used Footlight MT Light) write Happy Valentine's Day Tiger. You can make the text how ever big you like but I decided to leave mine smaller to have it sort of camouflaged in the tiger print.

  4. Cut the image out.

  5. With the gluestick, glue to the cardstock (I used black).

  6. Cut the cardstock down to the size of the image on the front.

  7. On the blank side in your sexiest handwriting write a mysterious message along these lines (I used a silver gel pen):
    Baby, I’m making you dinner!
    Valentine’s Day
    8 o clock
    My place

    Dot the i's with hearts. Let the ink dry.

  8. Slide invitation into the envelope. Address in the same sexy handwriting. Do not put a return address and stamp with a Valentine themed stamp. Seal closed.

  9. Line your lips with the red lipstick. On the back of the envelope leave a kiss mark. (totally cheesy I know, but it will set the romantic tone of the evening).

Got a great romantic invitation idea? Please tell me about it below. And stay tuned, there is lots more to come! Next up on the party plan to-do-list, the menu.



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