Although it's not an official holiday, the Super Bowl is a wonderful excuse to host a party! I'm sure plenty of you are planning some sort of watching event this weekend, so feel free to take my ideas and make them your own. All week we'll be featuring winning recipes and touchdown tips. To start things off we have to send invitations. While you could remain neutral in the invite, I like to show spirit for the team I'm rooting for. To see how I made these simple, not-too-feminine New England Patriot invites, read more.

To make an invite similar to the one seen here you will need the following supplies:

To assemble the invite:

  1. Start by dragging the image into a new document on Microsoft Word. Add the text You're Invited to the image. This will serve as the front of the invite. Print out on a white piece of cardstock and cut down to size. Set aside.

  2. Open another new document and write out the details of the party. For my invite I used the font BlairMdITC TT-Medium in size 16 to write:
    No matter who wins, odds are you’ll have fun at my Super Bowl Party!

    Sunday, February 3, 2008
    The party kicks off at 2:30 p.m.

    PartySugar’s House, San Francisco
    Please rsvp: 415.555.5555

    Go Patriots!

    Center the text to the bottom half of the page. Print out on a plain sheet of paper and check for grammar or spelling mistakes. Once satisfied with the text, print out on the cardstock.

  3. Fold the cardstock in half over the text.

  4. Glue the football field image to the front cover of the invite.

  5. Slide into an envelope and send.