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Come Party With Me: Tea Party - Invites

Spring has sprung! Well almost - the official first day is this Wednesday, but the weather has been so amazing here in California that it feels like it has already arrived. To celebrate, I'm hosting a tea party this weekend. This isn't going to be stuffy ladies in pastel suits at a formal table with antique china, it's going to be modern, fun, and fabulous.
My fingers are crossed that the warm weather will last until Saturday so I can host the tea in my courtyard. I want everything about the party to scream spring, starting with the invitation. The invitation is an integral and essential tone setter for the party, so it should reflect the arrival of spring in the design and color scheme. To see the tea party invite I've made - that you can make too if you follow my step by step instructions - please read more

This week's invite is simple and most of the work is done on the computer, so if you are a geek diva rather than a craftista, it's your lucky day! To start, I searched the web for some interesting floral images. The ones I used to create my invite can be downloaded from floral patterns (scroll down to the bottom and hit download). There are a whole bunch of patterns to choose from and I chose 16 that were sort of in the same color tones: pale pinks, light lavenders, and buttery creams. To assemble the invite you will need:

  • computer and printer
  • floral pattern images like these:

  • colored cardstock (I chose cream)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ribbon

To make this invite:

  1. Create a new word document and drag the floral print images into it. Create a border or pattern with the prints. I created a border.
  2. Add a textbox to be inside the floral border. Inside the box, write the details of your party, something along these lines:
    Spring Has Sprung!

    To celebrate the long awaited arrival of the sunny season, Miss PartySugar would like you to join her for tea and afternoon cravings.

    Saturday, March 24, 2007
    PartySugar’s cottage, San Francisco
    3:30 pm

    Please rsvp 415.555.5555 Floral attire welcomed

    Choose a fancy text that makes you think tea party. I chose Snell Roundhand in size 16 bold. If desired change the color of the font to match your floral prints. I picked periwinkle. Print out a test sheet on a white piece of paper to see if you like the results. Once you are satisfied, print out on the cardstock.

  3. Cut down to size leaving a small border around the flowers.

  4. For an element of surprise, use the ribbon to make the back look like a wrapped present. When you send the invite place the card in the envelope so when the invitee opens it, the first thing she sees is the "present." Cut the ribbon to size and glue horizontally across the blank side of the card.

  5. Glue another piece vertically crossing this piece.

  6. With another piece of ribbon, tie a small pretty bow. Glue this to the center where the two ribbons cross each other.

  7. Now your invitation is complete. One side looks like a spring present and the other side looks like a tea party invite.

How would you invite your friends to a tea party? Tell me your invite ideas below. I'll be planning the pieces to the tea party puzzle all week, so be sure to come party with me tomorrow!



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