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Come Party With Me: Wine Club's 1st Meeting - Tips

Come Party With Me: Wine Club's 1st Meeting - Tips

I've invited a group of friends to my house to taste and learn about wine once a month and the club's first meeting is coming up! I'm very excited to take an educational experience and translate it into a party. Together, in a non-threatening environment, we will discover and discuss, sip by sip, new varietals of red, white, or sparkling wine. After all the best way to become an expert on wine is by drinking it! Although the wine is the focal point, I will be offering a few small savory and sweet bites to cleanse our palettes between tastings and to fully appreciate the flavor of the wine. I encourage you to come party with me by starting your very own wine club! To see what wine I'll be tasting at the first meeting and for essential wine club tips,

  • The perfect size for a wine club is 10-15 friends.
  • Be sure to choose friends who are interested in learning about wine and who you enjoy drinking with.
  • Next select what type of wine you want to focus on at your first meeting. I chose my favorite red wine, a Spanish Rioja.

  • Red wine is weather appropriate for the colder months, like now, so save your favorite whites for the summer when the weather is hot.
  • Another idea (thanksKbella) is to alternate red wine with white wine each month.
  • Host a blind tasting by covering each of the labels of wine and pour each guest a small 2-3 ounce serving in order to sample each of the wines.

  • As the hostess, be sure to put one non-Rioja (or the red wine of your choice) wine in with the group of wines you are tasting. This is to see if guests can identify the difference tastes between the varietals.
  • If the wine you are tasting is produced in several different regions of the world, assign each guest a distinct area to cover. For example Chardonnays are produced in many locations including but not being limited to Napa, Chile, and France. Ask one girlfriend to bring a bottle from Napa, another to bring one from South America, and another to bring on from Burgundy.

  • Remind guests to research her or his bottle online before attending your event. That way they can provide informed knowledge on what you should be "tasting."
  • Ask guests to bring a wine tasting notebook in case they are interested in taking notes.
  • Create a wine tasting notes worksheet to fill out while you sample each wine.
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