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Come Paw-ty With Me: Dog Birthday - Invites

Molly's pug Oliver is turning one this week and she's asked me to help plan a birthday party for him! Parties that celebrate pets are becoming more and more popular and an afternoon in the park is the perfect way to celebrate. The doggies can enjoy the outdoors while their owners enjoy the friendly company and tasty nibbles. To create an amazing party, I'll make treats for both the animals and the people. More on those pieces to the puzzle later in the week though because now it's time to make the invitation. This one is easy to put together, fast to create, and - thanks to Oliver - oh-so-adorable! Follow my step-by-step instructions, just read more

To make an invitation similar to the one seen here you will need:

  • cream colored cardstock (or any other color cardstock of your choice - I picked cream because I liked how it resembles the natural color of a dog bone)
  • scissors
  • dog bone image
  • computer & printer
  • pictures of your doggie

To assemble an invitation similar to the one seen here:

  1. Start by dragging the dog bone into a blank file in Photoshop. Using pictures of your dog, create a fun collage inside the dog bone. Print out a test copy of the dog bone and set aside.

  2. Open a new Word Document and center the cursor in the middle of the page. Type out a fun message with the details of the party. I used Comic Sans MS size 12. Here's what my invite says:
    Oliver is turning one and to celebrate we are throwing a paw-ty!
    So grab your leashes and join us for some Scooby snacks!
    Saturday, August 4, 2007
    2:30 in the afternoon, Alta Plaza Park, San Francisco
    the more dogs the merrier
    rsvp to PartySugar @ 415.555.5555

    Print out a test copy and have a friend or family member check for spelling or grammatical errors.

  3. Hold the dog bone sheet of paper back to back with the text sheet to make sure that when printed out on cardstock the text lies directly on top of the bone. Hold the two pieces together against a light or window.
  4. Print out the text on the cardstock. Stick this paper back in the printer and print out the dog bone collage on the back side of the text.
  5. Cut the dog bone shape out with scissors.

  6. Send in a nice, small envelope sealed with a sticker of a dog or paw print.
  7. IMG_3825.JPG


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