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You Don't Have to Be at Comic-Con to Eat Like a Superhero

Jul 26 2014 - 3:10am

Down in the "not at San Diego Comic-Con" dumps? Have no fear! While you might not be able to attend the panels for your favorite shows and blockbuster films, you can certainly exercise loyalty to your favorite fandoms with these fantasy-inspired treats. Whether you're a Divergent devotee or a Spider-Man superfan, this list of scrumptious sweets won't disappoint.

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Thor's Mighty Chocolate Pretzel Hammers

Just as Thor wields his mighty hammer, Mjölnir, you too can wield a powerful weapon. Powerfully delicious, that is! Check out this recipe for chocolate pretzel hammers [1] worthy of an Asgardian royal feast.

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Spider-Man's Favorite Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Are your spidey senses tingling? They should be — the white chocolate atop these whoopie pies [2] is like a beacon to Spider-Man himself!

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Once Upon a Time's "Magic" Red Apple Cupcakes

Don't worry, they're not poisoned apples! However, these apple cupcakes are filled with Pop Rocks [3] for a magical first bite.

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Direwolf Cake Pops From Game of Thrones

This snack might make fans of the HBO show a bit sad, but at least they're yummy! These cake pops [4] are modeled to look like the Stark family's beloved pets.

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Divergent's Signature Chocolate Cake

Are you Dauntless? This chocolate cake [5] is topped with the symbol of the boldest faction, so you can show your Divergent love through dessert.

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Hunger Games-Inspired Arrow Pie Pops

You don't have to be an expert archer like Katniss to hit the bullseye with your dessert preparations. Check out these apple pie pops [6] that are shaped like The Hunger Games heroine's weapon of choice!

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Breaking Bad's (Legal!) Blue Meth Candy

Just because Breaking Bad has finished its AMC run doesn't mean you have to give up your addiction . . . to TV. Celebrate your fandom by making this candy version of "Crystal Blue Persuasion." [7]

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Sharknado's Delectable Fruit Watermelon

Now that a third film [8] in the Sharknado series has been announced, you can celebrate with this shark-shaped fruit display [9].

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Alice in Wonderland-Inspired Cookies

Classic Disney remakes are more popular than ever, which means that Comic-Con will be full of announcements and cast members from films like Alice in Wonderland. Feel like you're in the Disney panels as you eat these film-inspired iced cookies [10].

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Fang Cookies Inspired by Vampire Diaries

Regardless of your reason for watching The Vampire Diaries, be it the plot or Ian Somerhalder [11], you'll certain crave a big bite out of these fang cookies [12].

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