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Cooking For Two: You & Your New Hubby

Cooking For Two: You & Your New Hubby

Now that you've moved into your new house, it's time to get down to your "wifely duties". I would like to say that women aren't making the majority of the meals, but it's still a fact that female's do a lot of the cooking. Unfortunately the average recipe is created to serve 4 people, however there are plenty of helpful resources out there. Those, combined with my tips, will make cooking for 2 should as easy as pie.

  • If the recipe serves 4 cut it in half exactly.
  • If the recipe is too hard to cut in half, make the full recipe and freeze the leftovers to eat at a later time or have them for lunch the following day.
  • When making full recipes that are too much for you and your partner to finish eating, creatively use the leftovers to make a new dish with other flavors. Leftover spiced chicken can be tossed into a stir fry or quesadilla. Leftover grilled steak is great in a sandwich or piled on top of greens.
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  • Order your meat, poultry, and fish fresh from the butcher or fish mongers and get only the amount necessary for the two of you. Prepackaged meats are usually sold in bulk, so avoid them if you can. If you purchase the packed chicken or steak, be sure to buy it on sale.
  • Buy smaller quantities of food. Get a small bag of chips and mini bottles of diet coke instead of the super sized bag and liter sized bottle. Bigger may be cheaper, but if you are throwing a lot of uneaten or stale food out you are wasting money.
  • Subscribe to a magazine catered especially to cooking for two.
  • To prolong the life of vegetables wash, dry, and store them as soon as you arrive home from the grocery store.
  • Never cut back on the quality, presentation, or elegance of the food! Just because you aren't feeding a crowd doesn't mean the meal should be less fabulous.
  • For quick, delicious dinner ideas check out our daily Fast & Easy Dinners.
  • Get your partner involved with the cooking process! It can be very fun.

What's your secret for cooking in small quantities? Please share your cooking for two tips below!

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