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To Curb Drinking, UK Mandates Smaller Wine Glasses

UK officials are hoping that a simple swap of the dishes will be the quick fix for some of the country's social problems. According to official figures, 43 percent of middle-class professionals exceed safe alcohol guidelines. Experts are putting the blame on the upward size trend of wine glasses. That's why next month, ministers plan to release a mandatory code of practice requiring all venues serving alcohol to offer customers a choice of drink size.

While a standard wine glass once held 125 ml — a little over 4 ounces — many establishments now consider this a "small" size. A large size rings in at 250 ml — a serving that could equal as much as one-third of a bottle of wine. And at least 10 percent of UK bars have been using 250 ml as a standard-sized wine glass. "Glass sizes have increased over the years, as has the strength of wine," said Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo. "Too often the only size available is a large glass. I would like to see more choice available, so people can opt for a small glass."

What do you think of this solution? Will offering smaller servings of wine at bars encourage drinkers to consume less?


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