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10 Measuring Cups and Spoons For Baking Bliss

Sep 21 2012 - 9:35am

The next time you go to bake, add a pinch of whimsy to your recipe with measuring utensils that are anything but bland and boring. From country chic to city sleek, we found 11 measuring cups and spoons to offer just the right amount of style and precision for your next bake-off [1].

Silverware-Inspired Measuring Spoons

These elegant brass measuring spoons [2] ($24) serve as a clever nod to classic silverware.

Owl Measuring Cups

Wise and whimsical bakers: try these nesting owl measuring cups [3] ($19).

Copper Measuring Cups

Those who prefer a pared down aesthetic will appreciate these vintage copper measuring cups [4] ($26).

Retro Road-Trip Measuring Cups

Vintage road-trip inspired measuring cups [5] ($15) will spur kitchen creativity.

Colorblocked Measuring Spoons

Dipped porcelain measuring spoons [6] ($10, originally $14) make for an on-trend kitchen accessory.

Cat Measuring Spoons

Meow! These playful measuring spoons [7] ($20) are sure to prompt smiles amongst feline fans.

Polka-Dot Measuring Cups

Retro polka dots need not be relegated to attire [8]; try this spot-on measuring cup set [9] ($19).

Owl Measuring Spoons

Baking is a hoot with these quirky owl measuring spoons [10] ($17).

Rainbow Measuring Cups

Bright and cheery, yet still functional, these plastic nesting measuring cups [11] ($10) will help control kitchen clutter.

Matryoshka Doll Measuring Cups

Matryoshka doll measuring cups [12] ($12) add fun and function to your recipes.

Hand-Painted Measuring Cups

Hand-painted izmir measuring cups [13] ($32) add a dash of color.

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