Last year, as part of my Thanksgiving table setting, I created a hanging decoration of glittery falling leaves. The leaves hung from the chandelier above the dining table.

It made for a rustic, yet glamorous, addition to the look of my Thanksgiving table. To see how I made this simple yet stunning decoration, read more

You will need the following supplies:

  • leaves
  • glitter
  • rubber cement glue
  • a safety pin
  • clear string or fishing wire

Here's what you do:

  1. Several weeks before Thanksgiving, go on a walk to collect fallen leaves. Set aside on layers of paper towels to dry in a cool, dark spot.
  2. Purchase glitter from your local craft supply store. I used gold, bronze, rose, and champagne colored glitter on my leaves.
  3. With the sharp side of a safety pin carefully poke a hole in the leaves stem.
  4. String the fishing wire or clear string through the whole and tie a knot. Leave a large piece of slack so you can easily hang the leaves.
  5. Cover your workspace with old newspaper. Brush one side of the leaves with rubber cement. Pour glitter on and shake off the excess. Set aside to let dry over night.
  6. Hang from a chandelier, ceiling, or doorway at various heights to simulate falling leaves.