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15 Cocktails to Enjoy While the Sun Is Up

Feb 3 2012 - 11:09am

While we stand by our love and appreciation for happy hour and a smart evening cocktail (or two), there is something to be said about daytime drinking. It's quite nice to be able to enjoy a fancy, adult beverage while the sun is shining. However, there are certain cocktails that are more appropriate to enjoy during waking hours. From bubbly libations that won't knock you off your feet to stronger tipples that should probably be sipped slowly, here are 15 of our favorite daytime cocktails.


This light combination of white wine and Campari [1] is a refreshing afternoon libation.

Fizzy Berry Sangria

A punch bowl or pitcher full of sangria [2] is pretty much a guaranteed party, any time of day.

Pink Torpedo

Day drinking often calls for refreshing libations, and the fizzy Pink Torpedo [3] won't disappoint.

Mint Julep

Mint juleps [4] aren't only for the Kentucky Derby. They're the quintessential day cocktail. Floppy hat optional.

The Black and Tan and the Clara

These two beer cocktails, the Black and Tan and the Clara [5], will bring a little excitement to any game day.

The Michelada

This spicy beer cocktail [6] is often enjoyed the morning after a night of partying.

Lime Shandy

For a lighter, more refreshing beer cocktail that can be enjoyed all day long, try a lime shandy. [7]


This classic morning cocktail [8] is a great way to get your day of drinking started. They're fancy, bubbly, and easy to sip on.


Though sazeracs [9] are relatively strong, we're such huge fans of this cocktail that we would drink it any time of day.

Tequila Sunrise

Don't be fooled by this cocktail's bright name and colors. Tequila is the base of a tequila sunrise [10] and it certainly packs a punch that is perfect for serious day drinking.

Prohibition Lemonade

Sip on a grown-up version of a classic picnic libation. Whisky, lemonade, and club soda [11] make this cocktail incredibly refreshing.

Jam Cocktail

Drink up the tastes of Summer all year long by way of your preserved fruit! A spoonful of jam with vodka or gin [12] brings this cocktail to life.

Pimm's Cup

Try this refreshing cocktail [13] filled with bright flavors when you want to sip on something special without getting woozy.

Bloody Mary

Drink a bloody mary [14] in the morning to recover from a long night out, or get the day drinking started with this spicy classic.

Jalapeño Margarita

Sure, margaritas are completely appropriate for day drinking, but if you really want to bring some heat to the party, try jalapeño margaritas. [15]

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