Yesterday, Paula Deen and her lil' angels (aka her boys Jamie and Bobby) were on hand at New York's davidburke & donatella for a Deen Bros. book launch party. The book, Recipes from the Road, is intended to bring the reader on a virtual road trip with the Deen Bros. One where they can learn how to make over 100 tasty regional recipes inspired by foods the lil' angels tasted during their travels.

However, if you're more interested in juicy details than juicy recipes, you may want to check out mama Paula's recently released tell-all autobiography, It Ain't All About the Cookin'.

And finally, I hate to sound superficial, but doesn't it look like Miss Paula has lost a lot of weight lately? It looks to me like she may be laying off of the fried butter balls (Thanks to Serious Eats for this link).

To see more images of the Deens celebrating the book launch with their pals (including Gordon Elliott), read more

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