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5 Essential Barbecue Sauces and Rubs

Jul 2 2012 - 5:23am

The smokiness of the barbecue grill can only do so much to your protein; ultimately, sauces and rubs provide most of the flavor punch. If you're used to buying premade sauces and rubs, you'll find that these five recipes are very easy and doable for a barbecuing newbie. You're only one click away from unctuously rich sauces and rubs for your grilled meats.

Raspberry Barbecue Sauce

Tangy and tart raspberry barbecue sauce [1] fuses Mexican cumin and serrano flavors with common barbecue ingredients like Worcestershire sauce.

All-Purpose Spice Rub

An all-purpose spice rub [2] offers a balanced range of flavors for your meats. Keep a batch on hand to sprinkle on meats or veggies prior to cooking. Spice rub will take just about anything to a new salty, sweet, and spicy level.

Kansas City Barbecue Sauce

For those who are averse to chopping and need to whip up a barbecue sauce on the fly, Kansas City barbecue sauce [3] requires no prep work and contains the interesting addition of allspice and cinnamon.


Oregano, garlic, and red pepper are blended with olive oil to create chimichurri [4], a popular Argentinian condiment.

Cola Barbecue Sauce

Southerners love their barbecue and their sugary cola beverages, so why not marry the two in a sweet and piquant cola barbecue sauce [5]?

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