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10 TV Diners We'd Frequent (If We Could)

Sep 26 2011 - 2:45pm

If you believe everything you see on television, most people spend a majority of their time hanging out at diners, and for teenagers, retro diners are the hottest spots in town. CBS's new sitcom 2 Broke Girls follows two Brooklynites (one sassy waitress, one former rich girl) who work at a diner, but it's hardly the first greasy spoon to nab a starring role on TV. Click through for 10 of our favorites.

Photo courtesy of CBS [1]

Monk's Diner, Seinfeld

The fictional Monk's diner not only provides the setting for countless conversations but also plays a crucial role in many classic Seinfeld moments: the big salad, "not that there's anything wrong with that," and many more.

The Mystic Grill, Vampire Diaries

The hot hangout in Mystic Falls, VA, this restaurant hosts all manner of teen-vampire drama, date nights, birthdays, you name it.

Photo courtesy of The CW [2]

The Peach Pit, 90210

The retro-styled diner has a beloved starring role on the original Beverly Hills 90210, and it gets a facelift in the CW's recent reboot (pictured).

Photo courtesy of The CW [3]

Luke's, Gilmore Girls

Owned by the gruff but loveable Luke Danes, this diner is where Lorelai and the other denizens of Stars Hollow prefer to down their cups of joe.

Source: Facebook [4]

Lanford Lunch Box, Roseanne

The sitcom's coffee shop specializes in loosemeat sandwiches (similar to a sloppy joe), and it's said that Roseanne's version was loosely based on Canteen Lunch (pictured) in Ottumwa, IA.

Source: Flickr User Just Jefa [5]

Arnold's Diner, Happy Days

Arnold's is practically a character on this nostalgic sitcom set in Milwaukee, with the Fonz, Richie, and the rest of the gang happily loitering there much of the time.

Williamsburg Diner, 2 Broke Girls

This brand-new series dresses the titular broke girls — one down-to-earth local and one former socialite — in the mustard-yellow uniforms of a Brooklyn diner.

Photo courtesy of CBS [6]

Double R Diner, Twin Peaks

The Double R Diner, famed for its cherry pie and "damn fine" coffee, was inspired by the real-life Twede's Cafe [7] in North Bend, WA.

Source: Yelp [8]

Mel's Diner, Alice

All of the action on Alice centered on the waitresses at Mel's Diner, a truck stop cafe in Arizona.

The Max, Saved by the Bell

Like the gang on 90210, the Bayside High student body tends toward retro-diner chic. Pretty much all of the extracurricular action, not to mention some school-sanctioned events, happens at The Max.

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