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Does Mexican Coke Taste Better Than Regular Coke?

Remember how I told you about the Mexican Coke spotting at Costco? Well we finally made it out there and luckily there were still cases waiting for us! We snatched up a few bottles and set about doing an A/B blind taste test.

Everyone received two little cups full of soda. One was marked A and the other was B, they then had to determine which they liked better, why they liked it and if they could determine which was the Mexican version and which the regular American version.

The results were pretty even, out of thirteen taste testers, eight of them preferred the Mexican coke, three preferred the American and two thought they were the same. Also, only nine people correctly identified which was the Mexican Coke.

To find out what the taste-testers thought,

  • I liked B better because it was more carbonated and had a hint of lime flavor in it.
  • I tasted A first and it tasted chemically, I tasted B and actually wanted to taste it again.
  • B has more flavor, a purer form of sweet.
  • A tasted dull compared to B.
  • I like A, it's not as sweet.
  • If B isn’t the Mexican Coke I’ve lost touch with reality.
  • I think I would potentially like B better if I had ice and lemon. And a beach.
  • I think that B was mexican. I think they were both too sweet.
  • At first I liked A because it was familiar, but than I took a few more sips and realized that B felt better for me and better tasting.
  • I think B is real sugar, and A the chemical stuff. I liked A.

And now that you've got their opinions, I'll let you know that Regular Coke (made with corn syrup) was marked A, and Mexican Coke (made with real sugar) was marked B. I knew which one was which, so my opinion was swayed a bit, however I thought that A tasted slightly more acidic and had a bit of a bite, while B tasted smoother and richer. Also, I'm afraid that the results may have been flawed due to the fact that one was from a can and the other from a bottle.

Yet, based on this taste test, I'd say it's safe to say that if you can get your hands on a bottle of Mexican Coke, that it's definitely worth a taste.

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