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Domino's Overhauls Core Pizza Recipe

Domino's Overhauls Core Pizza Recipe

This year KFC had its moment in the spotlight, but 2010 could be all about Domino's Pizza. The fast food delivery chain announced yesterday that it will be changing its core pizza recipe. Beginning on Dec. 27, all US Domino's locations will offer pizza with a new crust, with added butter, garlic, and parsley; a sweeter sauce, with a red pepper kick; and a mozzarella cheese that's been shredded instead of diced and blended with a hint of provolone. "We're basically relaunching Domino's Pizza," remarked Russell Weiner, Domino's marketing chief.
The development process involved 18 months of testing dozens of cheeses, 15 sauces, 50 crust seasoning blends, and heavy consumer research. Look out for a strong TV and Internet marketing campaign beginning Dec. 28, when the chain offers two medium, two-topping pizzas for $5.99 each. Considering pizza is the core of Domino's, this recipe rollout will either pay off in spades or have steep repercussions. Are you curious to try it? Is Domino's keeping up with the times — or are they messing with a good thing?

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