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9 of Giada De Laurentiis's Most Irresistible Recipes

Dec 15 2015 - 10:00am

Tune in to Giada at Home or any of Giada De Laurentiis [1]'s other programs, and it's nearly impossible not to become transfixed by her warm, engaging persona and demos of accessible yet elevated recipes. With seven cookbook titles to her name, and an eighth coming out this Fall [2], she's a prolific, talented recipe writer off the screen as well. All of which is to say that the Food Network star is a stellar source for culinary inspiration, including these nine must-make recipes.

— Additional reporting by Nicole Perry

Peach Beer Cooler

Peach nectar, fresh peaches, and ginger syrup add a summery touch to what Giada calls her "fabulous peachy beer [3]."

Orange Ricotta Pound Cake

Tender, zesty orange ricotta pound cake [4] is an ideal teatime snack.

Balsamic Chocolate Truffles

A splash of balsamic vinegar [5] adds interest to classic dark chocolate truffles.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Crepes

For a nostalgic breakfast treat, try peanut butter and jelly crepes [6].

Citrus Olive Oil Cake

Olive oil might sound like an odd ingredient for a dessert recipe, but don't knock it until you've tried it in this bright citrus-infused cake [7].

Baked Kale and Sweet Potato Chips

Not all of Giada's recipes are decadent. Case in point: her crisp baked kale and sweet potato chips [8].

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Giada's simple rendition of roasted red pepper soup [9] comes together in 45 minutes or less. Potato and Italian mascarpone cheese add creaminess and body.

Chocolate Trifle

There's no baking involved in this chocolate trifle [10], which soaks chocolate cake with coffee liqueur before layering it with chocolate mascarpone.

Lemon Pollo Frito

Pollo frito [11] (that's Italian for fried chicken) sounds indulgent, but Giada's recipe calls for a moist, bone-in chicken that's marinated in lemon juice and panfried until crisp, for a version that's lighter but still heavy on the satisfaction.

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