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Easy Party Tip: Hide Stuff Under The Table

Wondering what to do with all of that extra party stuff you might need easy access to during the event? A space will quickly look cluttered when unused napkins, plastic cups, bottles of wine, etc. are left out. Yet with a simple solution, the problem can be solved in no time.

A few weeks ago, at the Sugar office party, I was running around enviously watching the caterers set up the party. During the set-up, I witnessed a great storage tip in action — one that I have used on multiple occasions — instead of leaving stuff out, they stored it under the table!

To solve your unsightly storage problem:

  • Use a very long, but elegant tablecloth in a color that matches the theme of your party.
  • Place all of the ugly extras under the table.
  • Hide with the tablecloth.

Voila! The room and your party instantly looks cleaner and more fabulous!



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