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Edible Entertainment Ideas For Your Election Party

Nov 1 2012 - 4:25am

Donkey truffles, elephant meatloaf, "Rumney": no, these aren't the latest jabs being used in this competitive election, but rather ideas for dishes you can serve at upcoming election parties. Of course, we've rounded up traditional dishes, too, like red, white, and blue desserts and chicken wings, so you can provide edible entertainment no matter what side of the aisle you're on.

Donkey Truffles

Ever think you'd be eating a dark chocolate truffle [1] ($15) in the shape of a donkey? Maybe not, but have fun this election season with an election collection that gives love to elephants, too.

Ann Romney's Cookies

They might have lost to Michelle Obama's recipe in a Family Circle cookie bake-off, but Ann Romney's M&M's cookies are still pretty popular.

If you're looking for a more neutral dessert that's just as delicious, whip up some bipartisan cookies [2] that combine both recipes.

G.O.P. Cookies

Democrat snacks may be sold out, but Republican faithfuls can still snag some G.O.P. cookies [3] ($11). What, exactly, are G.O.P. cookies? In this case, key lime coolers packaged inside a patriotic tin box.

"Barack" of Lamb

Lamb chops [4] from a frenched rack of lamb make great appetizers for any party. Lighten up the political mood by letting guests in on the pun.

Patriotic Peppermints

After-dinner favorites get a red, white, and blue makeover with these Patriotic Peppermint Starlight Mints [5] ($20).

Chicken Wings

Poke fun at today's right-wing and left-wing politics by serving up a delicious honey barbecue recipe [6].

Partisan Meatloaf

Mold yourself an election-party centerpiece. That's right, with some expert shaping, you can create your very own patriotic party meatloaves [7].

Source: Edible Antics [8]

Vanilla Berry Brownies

Sure, apple pie might be a go-to all-American dessert, but switch things up by making these red, white, and blue vanilla berry brownies [9], delicious no matter what the season.


An easy way to roll with the political theme is to provide any rum cocktail and dub it "Rumney." Why not try this dark and stormy [10] version?

Hawaiian Ceviche

Pay homage to Obama's home state with unexpected servings of Hawaiian ceviche [11]. For an even more direct recipe related to the president, try his family's chili recipe [12].

Red, White, and Blue Pizzas

When we think of flag-colored dishes, pizza isn't the first to come to mind. But these separate types of pizzas [13], both classic and unique, have us changing our minds.

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