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To Ensure Freshness, Activate Water Stores Vitamins in the Lid of the Bottle

The Secret's Hidden in the Lid

Although bottled water isn't great for the environment, it seems like there's a new kind out each week. We've had holy water, vitamin water, mint water, flavored water and even fiber water. While it seems like you couldn't add another kind to the mix, Los Angeles based Activate is doing just that.

The new marketing gimmick trick is that the vitamins and herbs in their vitamin and herb-infused water are stored in a chamber inside the cap. When you twist the cap clockwise, the chamber is cut and the powder drops into the water below. The founders of the company came up with the idea because they had a hard time remembering to take their daily vitamins. Storing the ingredients in the cap will keep them fresh until they're released.

If you're interested to see how Activate tastes, the purified water is currently available in four flavors — Fruit Punch (Vitamin), Orange (Immunity), Berry (Antioxidant), and Lemon-Lime (Energy) — and claims to have no syrupy taste. There's no sugar — although it is lightly sweetened with Splenda — and it does contain caffeine.

So tell me, are you going to try Activate?

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