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A recent experiment suggests spiked eggnog may be safer to drink than its PG counterpart. NPR attempted to solve the age-old mystery of whether adding alcohol to eggnog, which contains raw eggs, eliminates risk of food poisoning. To answer the question, NPR sought the help of Rockefeller University microbiologist Vince Fischetti.

Fischetti compared bacteria levels in store-bought, alcohol-free eggnog to a recipe his lab makes every year. The science team's heavily spiked version requires the mixture to sit in the refrigerator for weeks before drinking. The results? His eggnog's alcohol eliminated all bacteria. In contrast, the commercial eggnog was teeming with bacteria strains commonly found in dairy.

The microbiology lab conducted a separate experiment to see whether its alcoholic eggnog was strong enough to kill off salmonella strains. The results proved inconclusive.

Are you intrigued or disgusted by Vischetti's recipe for eggnog? Will these findings have you adding more alcohol to your eggnog this year?


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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
lucky for me i don't drink the stuff anyway - so it's not going to make me any more or less inclined to have it. i think that it's an interesting thought process there - and i welcome it. what kind of alcohol though are we talking about, and what normal person would just let it sit in their fridge for weeks and weeks?
DivaDivine DivaDivine 8 years
"The science team's heavily spiked version requires the mixture to sit in the refrigerator for weeks before drinking." Eww! Letting raw eggs and dairy sit out for weeks is gross.
SeptemberLights SeptemberLights 8 years
Wow! His version has a ton of alcohol in wonder it kills everything off...Normally I like a little spike in my egg nog but not that much!
kia kia 8 years
Now that sounds like a lab with a great sense of humor!
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