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Film and Fare: Memorable Oscar Movie Food Scenes

Feb 22 2013 - 6:45am

When it comes to many of this year's Oscar best picture nominees, we can certainly bank on loads of drama. But something else we can count on? Memorable food scenes. Food and drink feature prominently in some films more than others, but certain parts, with everything from crab to hummus, even change the course of the plot. Click on for some of the most noteworthy moments, and let us know if you have any favorites of your own.

Silver Linings Playbook

In one memorable back-and-forth scene from the movie, Pat (Bradley Cooper [1]) takes Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence [2]) out to a diner and asks her if she wants to share his Raisin Bran. He then asks her why she ordered tea, and she says it's because he got cereal. "I ordered Raisin Bran because I didn't want there to be any mistaking it for a date," he answers. Now that's one way to win over a girl.

Source: The Weinstein Company [3]


Several scenes in this action-packed thriller feature characters drinking glasses of wine and other alcohol. All that booze is said to serve as a contrast to life in Iran, where drinking isn't accepted. Plus, with the tough job of rescuing six Americans, it's no surprise that drinking became the operatives' favorite pastime.


In this French tearjerker, the breakfast scene is one of the last times in the film where Anne and Georges, an elderly couple, enjoy a meal together before Anne's health begins to decline.

Life of Pi

We can't expect many food scenes from the story about a boy who survives a shipwreck and is left stranded on a life boat. But the moments where he survives on fish and dry rice crackers alone are impossible to forget.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

The crab feast part of the film is especially remarkable, because it points to origin of the movie name. Wink (Dwight Henry) tells his daughter Hushpuppy (Quvenzhané Wallis) to eat the crab like a beast, and the whole room starts chanting, "Beast it." She tears the crab in half, sucks out its insides, and — with her fists clenched and screaming — proudly stands on the table.

Zero Dark Thirty

Middle East cuisine makes an appearance in this drama that mainly takes place overseas in Pakistan. In one significant moment, we see Maya (Jessica Chastain) and another CIA agent give hummus to a tortured detainee to get information from him about al-Qaeda leaders' whereabouts.

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