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Food and Wine Best New Chef 2012

What Does It Mean to Be a Food & Wine Best New Chef?

What do Thomas Keller, Tom Colicchio, and Rick Bayless all share in common, aside from all being culinary legends? They all rose to fame thanks to the accolade of Best New Chef, an award bestowed upon a smattering of chefs each year by Food & Wine magazine. The 2012 winners, who received a showcase at this year's Classic in Aspen, talked to us about what it means to have the honor, and why it's so important. Hear what they have to say, plus find out how the award's changed the lives of chef personalities from Michael Symon to John Besh.

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Best New Chef is an award bestowed upon ten new chefs each year by Food and Wine Magazine. It includes the likes of Thomas Keller, Tom Colicchio and Rick Bayless. Winners of this award receive a showcase each year in Aspen's Food and Wine Classic. What does it mean to have the honor of Best New Chef? It means that people are appreciating what do which is always a plus and it means you get an opportunity to work with your colleagues which you may not otherwise. So, it opens a lot of great doors. It's a great goal for any ambitious young chefs to go for because I mean it's one of the most coveted kind of recognitions you can have in this country. I don't know. I mean it's such a great doing, it's a great honor for anyone to work hard and you have that as their goal. I think it's great. I think it's gonnapassage to New York City if you wanna really go for the gold and get up there. You know, you kind of have to win best new chef. They honored ten, sometimes 12 great new chefs every year. I was lucky enough to be a best new in '98 and it changed my life and it'll changed their lives also. It was just a really special time for me. It's what lead to everything. I won Food and Wine and then I was a guest on Food Network. Then I got a show on Food Network. Then the Chew, then Iron Chef. And all that stuff really started because of Food and Wine. So I'm forever indebted to Food and Wine and the Classic. Food and Wine's best new chef has meant, the world to me. It's meant a career to me. And I recommend for all the best new chefs just to recognize it and honor it. Don't let it go to your head. Don't worry about being the celebrity. Focus on your craft. Focus on your evolution. as an artist and focus on making your customers happy. I'm here at Chefs Club in Aspen, Food and Wine's first ever restaurant resort in partnership with St. Regis. Here, you have a chance to taste the best of what each best new chef has to offer. It features this incredible seasonal menu that also highlights, the dishes of Food and Wine's best new chefs from years past. There's a reason why these chefs win this award. It's the highest honor one can receive from Food and Wine Magazine. I can't wait to eat at Chefs Club. Find out who wins the awards next year, when you watch YumSugar TV.

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