I was perusing the dairy section of my local Whole Foods Market when something caught my eye. There, on the top shelf, glinting like a jewel, was Organic Batter Blaster. At first I thought, WHAT??? WHY IS THIS HERE? I thought Batter Blaster would end up as one of those weird products — like HeadOn — that you hear about but never see. Then, once the shock wore off, I remembered that I was at Whole Foods, and that they have a pretty high
standard when it comes to products they sell. So I did what every other foodie would have done: I picked up a can and put it in my cart.

Let me say right now, this product is surprisingly good. I was highly skeptical, and a bit worried by it, however, in the end it won me over. The batter itself oozes out of the can — I was expecting more of a high-powered spray like whip cream — and is a little difficult to shape, but not impossible. The flavor is like your standard fluffy pancake, only a tad sweeter. I've definitely had much, much worse at diners across America.

Would I buy this product again? Probably not, however I could see where it would come in handy. In just a few short minutes, we were eating our fill of pancakes. If I were a hungover college student or a busy mom, and just wanted to have decent tasting pancakes for myself or my brood, then it would definitely make sense. The ingredient list didn't look too weird — the first two ingredients are filtered water and organic wheat flour — they were super simple to make, and as the checkout guy at Whole Foods said, "Hey, sometimes you just want one pancake."

Have you seen Batter Blaster at your store? If so, will you end up trying it?