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Silly and Fun Kitchen Finds For April Fools' Day

Apr 1 2013 - 11:07am

We'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy a good April Fools' Day prank. We knew we had to do something fun for the "holiday." Our take? Rounding up silly kitchen tools. You won't find any jokes here, but some of these finds might fool you into thinking they're something else — at the very least, they're awesome conversation starters. Click on and let the good times roll.

Hot Man Trivet

This is probably the only time we'll ever say this, but don't feel bad burning this hot guy. Trust us, the hot man trivet [1] ($25) can take the heat.

Watermelon Knife

We'd like to slice and dice all our Spring and Summer fruits with this cute watermelon knife [2] ($30).

Bunny-Carrot Paper Towel Holder

What's up, doc? Even Bugs Bunny would approve of this fun bunny and carrot paper towel holder [3] ($69).

Moped Pizza Cutter

Oh, that's not a toy bike? What could it be then? Try this scooter pizza cutter [4] ($8) — it pulls double duty with its two wheels, er, blades.

Party Guy Drinking Glasses

This is one party crasher we wouldn't mind having over. Oliver, the party guy, tries really hard to make these drinking glasses [5] ($4, originally $5) come to life, and we'd say he's pretty great at it.

Head Chef Brush

This silly silicon brush [6] ($10, originally $12) may be designed for kids, but we say you're never too old to use it.

Pocky Chopsticks

You might be tempted to, but don't even think about biting into these Pocky treats [7] ($8). The popular Japanese snack might have found a new market in chopsticks.

Happy Spoons

How could these bright happy spoons [8] ($7) not put a smile on your face?

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