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The first official day of Fall was over the weekend and with the cooler weather and shorter days comes a bounty of fresh, crunchy fruit and hearty vegetables. While apples and pumpkins are commonly consumed in large quantities, this year the Wall Street Journal has published a list of 10 other foods to consider for Fall cooking. To check out their delicious suggestions,


  1. Concord grapes: Native to the Northeast, these small, black tart grapes are delicious raw or baked in a pie.
  2. Kabocha: A type of squash with sweet, nutrient rich flesh that can be prepared as one would prepare an acorn squash.
  3. Pears: The apple's less popular cousin definitely deserves its time in the spotlight. Harvested in September and October, there are more than 1000 varieties that taste great in everything from salads to sauces to sweets.
  4. Pomegranate: The jewel like fruit's nectar is a wonderful source of antioxidants. Its seeds are a pretty garnish and its flesh adds a rich flavor to glazes.
  5. Pine nuts: In summer these nuts are used as an ingredient in pesto, but in Fall they are an easy snack or crunchy addition to salad.
  6. Quince: Popular in Europe, this fruit is packed with vitamin C and fiber. Although sour raw, when cooked or turned into jam, quince is soft, delectable, and subtly sweet.
  7. Rutabaga: With a texture similar to potatoes and a taste like a turnip, this root vegetable is a scrumptious side especially when treated like a potato.
  8. Thyme: The woody, fragrant herb can season anything from marinades to soups.
  9. Tuscan kale: Its dark, green leaves are full of vitamins. Serve in stews or soups or in a classic Italian preparation, with white beans.
  10. Sheep's milk cheeses: Due to the milking cycle of sheep, the Fall is the best time to consume aged sheep's milk cheeses. Best served at room temperature, enjoy alone or with crostini or preserves.

After reading this list, are you more excited about Fall? What foods are you looking forward to eating?

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suziryder suziryder 8 years
Mm, Yum, I'm looking forward to whatever fall-themed recipies you'll have for us. Hopefully some featuring quince and pomegranites!! :D
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
I love fall foods. There is squash and warm soups and mini pumpkins.
verily verily 8 years
I can't wait for the pomegranates to ripen. And I love fresh local apples.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
mmm pomergranates... definetly going to experiment more with that fruit for dishes. recipies would be fun to find.
carrieann9016 carrieann9016 8 years
I love fall!!!! Just wish it did not have to turn into winter. I hate the bitter cold!!!
carrieann9016 carrieann9016 8 years
I got my first Pomegranate of the season yesterday!!! Had a few handfuls already. I wish I knew of some recipes that use Pomegranates though. i will have to look into that soon!!!
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 8 years
I love fall, and I love fall food even better. I am so looking forward to cozy, cool days where I can stay inside and cook! This year I'm going to try to cook more squash. Pears are so yummy, too. They are just a little trickier to deal with than apples but I shouldn't let that stop me.
Food Food 8 years
I'm looking forward to experimenting more with quince!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i love this. see there aren't many things that get me 'excited' about the fall anymore since i'm not a fan of the cooler weather, but at least this perks me up a bit!!!
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