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15 Gin-Based Cocktails That Aren't a Gin and Tonic

Aug 29 2014 - 4:25am

Don't get us wrong: gin and tonics are great — particularly when employing top-notch ingredients [1] — but gin's versatility lends itself well to a host of enticing cocktails that are more than worth exploring. Click through and try something new. Who knows? You may just find your new signature drink!

Photos: Supergolden Bakes [2], Nicole Perry, Anna Monette Roberts


Few drinks provide more bang for their buck effort-wise than the negroni [3], a bartender favorite. It's extraordinarily easy to prepare (essentially all one must do is stir together three ingredients), yet it's full of mouthwateringly bittersweet flavor.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Cucumber-Mint Gin Cocktail

Think of this cucumber-mint sipper [4] as the gin lover's answer to the mojito.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Gin Gimlet

While one could make a gimlet with vodka, we must urge you to try this '30s-era cocktail [5] with gin, as it brings herbaceous flavor to this simple, two-ingredient drink.

Photo: Anna Monette Roberts

Classic Southside

If you've yet to try a Southside, a sprightly Prohibition-era concoction [6] of mint, gin, and lemon juice, you're truly missing out.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Citrus Quo

Full disclosure: this cocktail includes both gin and tonic, but take one sip of it and you'll forgive us for including it. While it's technically a variation on that classic highball, the addition of limoncello and a bitter orange aperitif transforms it into a distinctly different drink [7].

Photo: Nicole Perry

Ramos Gin Fizz

For a brunch option that breaks free from the Bloody Mary and mimosa mold, try the Ramos gin fizz [8], a New Orleans-bred beauty.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Bee's Knees

Presumably named the bee's knees [9] for its honey-sweet flavor, this citrus tipple is one of our personal favorites.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Gin and It

Two ingredients (three if we count the lemon wedge garnish) comprise the simple yet well-balanced gin and it [10]; what could be better than that?

Photo: Lauren Hendrickson

Wet Gin Martini

How you take your martini is certainly a matter of personal preference — there's no right answer, per se. That said, we're particularly partial to this take from famed bartender Jim Meehan, which pairs gin with a generous dose of vermouth [11], hence the "wet" descriptor.

Photo: POPSUGAR Studios


If floral flavors aren't your thing, the aviation [12] probably isn't the drink for you. On the other hand, if you're fond of St-Germain, that delicate elderflower liqueur, or have been known to enjoy a rose macaron, this crème-de-violette-enhanced Prohibition-era drink might just tickle your fancy.

Photo: Nicole Perry


Sage, citrus, gin, and elderflower liqueur meld into a smooth, sophisticated drink [13] that feels appropriate year-round.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Long Island Iced Coffee

Harken back to your college days with a Long Island iced coffee [14]. Unlike the Long Island iced tea, which doesn't include any actual tea, this potent potable packs in its namesake brew in two forms: coffee liqueur and cold brew.

Source: Supergolden Bakes [15]

Celery Southside

Fresh celery juice's refreshing herbaceous notes elevate the classic southside to a pitch-perfect, slightly savory cocktail [16]. Don't have a juicer? Make a trip to your local juice bar and acquire it there.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Honeyed French 75

We're ardent French 75 fans around these parts, so naturally we've tried nearly every twist on the elegant and effervescent beverage. Our current favorite: this amped-up (it has twice the gin) honey-sweetened iteration [17].

Photo: Nicole Perry

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