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Girl Scouts Cookies Sales Decline

Girl Scouts Deal With Declining Sales, Counterfeit Cash

Despite attempts to maintain high profits through downsizing cookie boxes, the Girl Scouts of America are not immune to the poor economy. MSNBC reports a dramatic decline in cookie sales with some troops selling 35 percent less cookies than they did last year. Although the institution lowered its cookie-selling goal in anticipation of the recession, Girl Scouts is nowhere near its goal.

Not only are the Girl Scouts having a hard time getting people to purchase cookies, it's also being plagued by counterfeit currency. Fake $20 bills were use to buy cookies from several troops in the Bremerton, WA, area. No suspects have been named, but many troops now employ a special pen that detects fake bills.

While I'm not shocked by the decline in sales, I was surprised to hear about the fake money. I don't understand how anyone could cheat young girls who are raising money for a good cause. How do you feel about the matter? Has the recession changed your Girl Scout cookie purchasing habits?

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