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25 Supersweet and Girlie Wedding Cakes

Apr 9 2015 - 5:00am

Remember the wedding [1] you've been dreaming of since you were a little girl? The one filled with romantic details and pinks and pearls here and there? Well, here are some desserts that are just the, er, icing on the cake. These 25 feminine creations are romantic, whimsical, and dainty all at once, whether it's because of their heart designs or pastel hues. In other words: they're just downright beautiful.

Photo by Pen/Carlson [2] via Style Me Pretty [3]; Front Page Image by Birds of a Feather [4] via Green Wedding Shoes [5], Feather and Stone Photography [6] via 100 Layer Cake [7], and Austin Gros [8] via Wedding Chicks [9]

You can never go wrong when pink meets gold, and this stunning cake is one perfect example of that.

Photo by Propel Workshops [10] via Style Me Pretty [11]

When people compare your cake to porcelain china, you know that it's all kinds of pretty.

Photo by Annabella Charles [12] via 100 Layer Cake [13]

We can't get over how whimsical and stunning this vibrant purple cake is.

Photo by Erin Hearts Court [14] via Green Wedding Shoes [15]

The watercolor details on this cake are so unexpected and fun — what else could you ask for from your wedding-day dessert?

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography [16] via Style Me Pretty [17]

Can we all agree this is one phenomenal cake? All the marvelous layers of different shades of pink are having us do double takes.

Photo by Rachel Peters Photography [18] via Style Me Pretty [19]

"Divine" doesn't even begin to describe this sweet pink ombré cake.

Photo by Jessica May Photography [20] via Style Me Pretty [21]

The soft colors and design of this dreamy cake look like a mix between balloons and flower petals.

Photo by Gabriel Ryan Photographers [22] via 100 Layer Cake [23]

Hearts and lace — does it get any girlier than that? We love the sweet touch this cake adds to the reception.

Photo by Eon Images [24] via Style Me Pretty [25]

Decorate your cake with gold dots and letters that say "love," and it'll instantly be one for the books.

Photo by Ciara Richardson [26] via 100 Layer Cake [27]

Pairing citrus-colored flowers against this mint-and-white cake is pretty genius (and ultrafeminine) if you ask us.

Photo by Laura Ashbrook Photography [28] via Style Me Pretty [29]

Gold succulents (yes, you read that right) top off this amazing and unique wedding [30] cake.

Photo by Birds of a Feather [31] via Green Wedding Shoes [32]

This romantic cake is dripping in elegance and is almost — emphasis on almost — too pretty to eat.

Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography [33] via Style Me Pretty [34]

Sure, green is an unexpected color for a cake, but add gold hearts and gold ribbon, and it's as feminine as it gets.

Photo by Love by Serena [35] via Style Me Pretty [36]

It's got pearls, it's got a bow, it's got a lace-like pattern, it's got flowers — yet this cake still manages to be sweet and romantic in the simplest way.

Photo by Marie Labbancz Photography [37] via Style Me Pretty [38]

Reds, pinks, and whites aren't just for Valentine's Day. All three colors come together beautifully to make this one charming cake.

Photo by Shelly Kroeger Photography [39] via Wedding Chicks [40]

It's all about the sweet details when it comes to this purple, memorable cake, from the heart to the buttons and everything in between.

Photo by Diana Marie Photography [41] via Wedding Chicks [42]

Don't the floral embellishments of this darling cake remind you of doilies? Not your grandma's doilies, though — set against a deep blue base, these are ultrachic.

Photo by Pen/Carlson [43] via Style Me Pretty [44]

Pastel colors automatically make a cake feel girlie; top that with hand-painted details, and you've got one charming dessert.

Photo by Alixann Loosle Photography [45] via 100 Layer Cake [46]

The bold pattern of this fun cake is made even sweeter topped with pixel-like hearts.

Photo by Jeff Loves Jessica [47] via 100 Layer Cake [48]

This cake may be blue, but its intricate flower detail makes it unbelievably romantic.

Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz [49] via Style Me Pretty [50]

One easy way to make your cake feel supergirlie and sweet (aside from cascading flowers, of course)? A silver or gold cake stand that's just as detailed.

Photo by Annabella Charles Photography [51] via Style Me Pretty [52]

The whimsical black trim, the pink peonies, the personalized initials — so much about this cake screams "romantic."

Photo by Kristin Vining Photography [53] via Style Me Pretty [54]

It's not just the outside of this cake that stands out for being dainty with its gold bow and pink dots— just look at the layers of yumminess inside.

Photo by Segerius Bruce Photography [55] via Wedding Chicks [56]

What better way to leave a lasting impression than with bright cascading daisies on a cake?

Photo by Austin Gros [57] via Wedding Chicks [58]

Count this cake sprinkled with edible flowers as one of the prettiest we've ever seen.

Photo by Feather and Stone Photography [59] via 100 Layer Cake [60]

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