Alright, I'll admit it, this one's going to be a difficult one. However, it's an interesting bit of trivia and I'm confident that some of you will know it right away. You ready?
Guess which world-renowned (think high-profile non-US) chef was seen at the international premiere of Ratatouille? To find out who he is, why he's there and who he's pictured with (several of whom are internationally famous chefs themselves), read more

Why it's the famous Ferran Adria of El Bulli (the top restaurant in the world) fame. He's pictured here with:

Row 1 - Brad Bird (director), John Lasseter (producer), Brad Lewis (producer)
Row 2 - Cyril Lignac (a "French Jamie Oliver"), Ferran Adria, Jeroen Meus (Belgian chef), Israel Aharoni (Israeli chef)

Ferran was there because he actually has a speaking role in the Spanish dubbed version (he plays a restaurant patron - the role goes to Thomas Keller in the US and Guy Savoy in France. Jamie Oliver voices a different character in the British version).

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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