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My Goodness, My Guinness! A Look at the Beer's Best Ads

Feb 15 2014 - 5:35am

Forget clovers or kisses — St. Paddy's day just wouldn't be the same without Guinness. The Irish stout has been a longtime symbol of the celebration, and for good reason. No doubt part of that has to do with its clever, amusing, and memorable ads, many of which are just as famous as the brew itself. The company's major campaigns didn't kick off until the 1930s but have been going strong ever since. In honor of the holiday, we've rounded up some of our favorites. Take a look, and pick up a pint!

Hands down, the toucan is the most recognized of the Guinness symbols, thanks to ads like this one.

Around 2009, the company came out with a "body parts” campaign that featured tag lines like this one: "Stout as strong as you are."

Even those beer faces seem to agree with the famous tagline.

Oh no — the ostrich swallowed a Guinness! Starting in the 1930s, different zoo animals came to symbolize the Guinness family.

This fingerprint ad reads: "Stout as unique as you are."

We're seeing double in this vintage Guinness ad.

It might not keep the doctor away, but we bet a lot of people would say that the drink is good for you anyway.

We're guessing you won't have a hard time filling in the blank on this one.

"Guinness for strength" became a popular tagline in the 1930s and pictured people performing incredible feats of strength thanks to the brew.

This play on the common phrase sure is clever.

This cool-looking ad is meant to show a rock star's road to the top.

Thinking about grabbing a Guinness? This turtle might just convince you to go for it.

Opening time, closing time — isn't Guinness time all the time?

Of course, no Guinness ad roundup would be complete without a St. Patrick's Day reference.

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