Last Friday night I was lucky enough to dine out at San Francisco's new hot spot, District. The place was packed, the meal was delicious, the bartenders handsome (and the owner hot!), and most importantly the wine was fantastic. I chose the Buil & Gine Verdejo Nosis Rueda, from the section labeled exotic whites. This Spanish wine was crisp, smooth, and a teeny bit spicy. It carried a light yellow color, a round pleasant texture and had a fruity palate and nice finish. Three of us went through two bottles because it was so fabulous! Only 1500 cases were made and I am definitely going to buy myself a bottle.

The Verdejo (pronounced bear-day-ho) paired nicely with the pop in your mouth calamari, the oozing arancini (which was to die for!), and the crunchy pizzetas. To take a look at these delicious dishes, read more