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Happy Hour Etiquette: Don't Touch That Tray!

Happy Hour Etiquette: Don't Touch That Tray!

Have you ever been in a super crowded bar during happy hour and felt sorry for the cocktail waitress? There she is running around taking orders, pushing her way through the crowds, and carrying trays full of easily spillable mixed drinks. When she finally reaches your table holding a tray full of ten different martinis for your crew, it's a natural instinct to want to help the poor girl out (after-all she is in heels!) and grab a drink or two from the tray she has balanced in one hand. But wait STOP(!) you should never take anything from a waiter or waitress's tray. As much as you think you're doing her a favor, you're more likely to topple all of the drinks she is carrying. Holding a heavy tray full of various sized/weight drinks takes a perfect equilibrium that only the one handling the tray controls. If an outside interference unexpectedly screws it up, the waitress (or you!) could get soaked in beer or vodka. Let her do her job and hand you the drinks. If you really want to help her out, leave her a nice tip when you leave the bar.

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TrippingBillies TrippingBillies 9 years
And Bless you good tippers! That's how I pay my bills! Princess Consuela Bananahammock
TrippingBillies TrippingBillies 9 years
Thanks for the advice to the readers Yum! I work in a bar and try not to use to tray as much as possible because I seem to always have people grabbing things off of it! Thanks for informing the readers of the etiquette! And I'm with you susanec-I get tired of fending off drunk males hands! Princess Consuela Bananahammock
susanec susanec 9 years
I always hated it when people tried to take things from me (or stick their hands up my skirt, but that's another story). It still irks me when I see trying to be helpful. I agree with the tip advice too.
musicmixer musicmixer 9 years
I always give a good server at least 25%. This is the only way they make money. At the least you should leaved $1 per drink.
aembry396 aembry396 9 years
Totally agree. This also goes for a waitress holding more than two drinks in two hands. Pulling out the third or fourth (or fifth for the uber talented), brings the house down. Also agree on leaving a big tip. I wish I could educate the world that the only money a waitress makes is on tips. --Up your Money Karma, Tip well!-- Preppy to the max!
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