Have you ever thought to yourself, I could really use a cocktail right now, only to realize that your liquor cabinet is empty except for that random bottle of Amaretto? Instead of running to the corner store or the nearest bar, take a tip from the Spanish and make kalimotxo. While the name sounds exotic, the ingredients — coca-cola and red wine — are probably already in your kitchen. I know you're thinking: coke and wine? How could that possibly be any good? I too, thought that when I first heard of kalimotxo, however once you taste it, you'll love it! With the coke bringing out a spicy quality to the wine, the surprising combination is refreshing and satisfying.

Making kalimotxo is also a great way to use wine that's a couple days old. It's so easy to make it practically doesn't need a recipe, but I've put one together anyways. Check it out now and