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Happy Hour: Quady Electra

While at the SF Chocolate Salon this weekend, I spent quality time at the Quady Winery booth. Located in Madera County, one of California's oldest wine grape-producing areas, Quady is a winery that specializes only in dessert wines — ideal for those of you who adore sipping stickies.

On this sunny Spring day, one wine, Electra ($12.75), really hit the spot. Served slightly chilled, the unique wine has great body, yet is light enough to hold a slight effervescence. Made with orange muscat grapes, the wine is sweet, but also has a bright, apricot-citrus flavor. And, with only 4 percent alcohol, you don't have to worry about getting too tanked.

Have you ever had any of Quady's wines? Does Electra sound like something you would like?

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