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Hello Edible Kitty

Aug 22 2007 - 9:01am

I've never been to Japan, but with all of the crazy Japanese food circulating the web these days, I can't help but want to experience these interesting dishes first hand. After pizzas loaded with every topping imaginable [1], bento boxes turned works of art are the next most popular craze. Take the one pictured at right, how cool would it be if you opened your lunch-box to find an edible Hello Kitty [2]??? The rice body and corn button nose are just too cute for words. I'm not sure if you can order these babies at Pizza Hut, but I double dare you to recreate one at home! Share the process and final products on TeamSugar so we can all learn how to make edible masterpieces.

Source: Fashionably Cute [3]

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