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Here Comes the Neighborhood! (Part 1)

Dec 21 2007 - 1:32am

This month we challenged you to create your own gingerbread house [1]. I thought that a few of you might take me up on it, but I didn't think 30 of you would! Our neighborhood ranges from Hello Kitty to toy trains, and they were so beautiful and creative, you put our houses [2] to shame. There were so many creations I've split the list up into two parts. Part one is below, and part two will be posted later today. Be sure to look through them all!

Start with entries one through fifteen, just

Entry #1 and 2
These Hello Kitty and Keroppi [3] graham cracker houses come from Erica and Nicole J in San Diego. Great job ladies, these houses are absolutely adorable!

Entry #3
Boston based TeamSugar members Wendy and Alyssa posted an album of their traditional gingerbread hut [4]. I love the striped roof!

Entry #4
TeamSugar member Mamaseacat [5]'s daughter Miranda sent this adorable creation [6]! It's a cute house, but I think the creator outshines her creation!

Entry #5 and 6
Music_jewel321 [7], a TeamSugar member based in Arizona, blew us away with not one, but two amazingly creative houses. Her first one is a beautiful house made for her mother [8], while her second house is modeled after an actual house in the Mt. Hood ski resort [9]. I can't figure out which one I like better!

Entry #7
Suzanne in Oregon creates gingerbread houses with her neighborhood each year. She says they weren't all pretty but they sure were tasty [10]! I think they look just great!

Entry #8
TeamSugar member brownafroduck [11] sends us this split level house [12]. I think it's fab for her first time!

Entry #9
Craig from Ithaca, NY pulled together his "Team Xtremely Awesome" and they created this cute snowman. There were a few other teams creating houses as well. Sounds like a fun event!

Entry #10
Kim and Rachel sent this fun version of the traditional house [13]. I particularly love all the marshmallow snow!

Entry #11
New Zealand based Marama [14] sends us not one, but three beautiful houses [15]. I especially love these A-frame houses.

Entry #12
Another New Zealander, Arfi of HomeMades [16], sends this rather large home [17]. This looks like a fun project for everyone involved!

Entry #13
Carrie shares her cooking adventures with a lovely store-bought kit [18]. I'm totally jealous of the built in supports!

Entry #14
Kyle from Baltimore shares her very first gingerbread house [19]. It is wonderfully fab, I love the sun!

Entry #15
RobinFabulous [20] built a gingerbread train [21] so that her daughter Hannah could decorate it all on her own!

Thanks to all of these wonderful decorators! These are only half of the fantastic creations, check out the other fifteen entries [22]. All the details are on the other page, but you can always check out the gallery below!

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