When we asked for your own gingerbread-house creations, I was surprised by the number of entries. There were 30 of them, and each one is fantastic! If you missed it, we posted the first fifteen entries this morning, but now it's time for the next fifteen! This set covers everything from a beach hut to a concert stage, including a replica Snoopy dog house! To check out the neighborhood, read more.

Entry #16
Tracy in Rochester, N.Y. sends this seemingly normal gingerbread house. However, if you look closer you'll see the dog relieving itself and the snowmen beating each other up!

Entry #17
Stacy and her crew in Janesville, Wis. sent us this delightful home complete with flags and a pinwheel garden.

Entry #18
In our second train entry, Erin in Mass. takes us for a ride on The Jolly Express.

Entry #19
TeamSugar member kgiuffre sends us this cute mini gingerbread house from Md.

Entry #20
Noelle from Luvit took a stab at a two-story house. Love it and the trees!

Entry #21
Blair from the Blair Necessities sends us an entire gingerbread village, including a train to visit other villages!

Entry #22
Out of Pleasanton, Calif. comes Grant's gingerbread stage, complete with performers. Nice concept!

Entry #23
Baking Soda sends us this tall, snow-capped house all the way from The Netherlands!

Entry #24
This untraditional beach hut comes from Tammy in Ariz. I love the SOS-styled message!

Entry #25
TeamSugar member biochemlovely sent us her rendition of a gingerbread White House. I love the jelly-candy grass!

Entry #26
This nice, little modern bungalow comes from Cicely in LA. I like the coffee bean landscaping.

Entry #27
Mallory from A Sofa in the Kitchen sends us this marshmallow-world gingerbread house complete with a tiny, cookie shack.

Entry #28
TeamSugar majikiss sends us this adorable gingerbread version of Snoopy's doghouse. Be sure to check out the other photos or you'll miss out on Charlie Brown.

Entry #29
Heather from I Love Tongs sends us her version of a modern gingerbread house. You guys know I love modern houses!

Entry #30
Jessica from Princess in the Kitchen sends us this adorable cottage all the way from Australia. I love the way the chimney turned out!

Entry #31
Finally, our very own dannysf sent us his giant gingerbread creation! Okay, just kidding! He spied this one in Las Vegas, but it was so beautiful and too funny I had to share!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, don't miss out on the first fifteen entries! All the details are on the other page, but you can always check out the gallery below!