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How to Prep Chicken Wings For Appetizers

Jan 23 2012 - 6:21am

I'm starting to get psyched for the big game [1], so this weekend I scheduled a buffalo wing practice run. This time around, I skipped the grocery aisle in favor of some quality time with my local butcher. Rather than waiting for him to break down the wings, I asked the butcher to show me how to cut up the chicken wings myself. As it turns out, breaking down whole chicken wings isn't all that challenging! Learn how to prep them when you keep reading.

When you buy chicken wings from a meat counter, they will consist of three segments: the drum, the flat, double-boned "wing" part, and the tip.

A full chicken wing (bottom view shown here) will have two distinct joints.

Begin by removing the smallest of the three segments, the wing tip. Look for the knuckle; ideally, that's the best spot to disengage the tip from the rest of the wing. Save the small, meatless tips for another use. They're great for adding flavor to homemade chicken stock [2].

Next, remove the drumstick-shaped segment (called the drummette) from the midsection of the wing.

When doing so, aim to break the two apart at the knuckle, where cartilage is easier to cut through than solid bone.

The finished product should leave you with three pieces: the wing tip, the flat midsection of the wing, and the drummette.

Have you ever prepped chicken wings for appetizers?

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