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How to Grill Vegetables | Video

The Secret to Perfect Grilled Vegetables

Need a refresher this grilling season? Seasonal vegetables are an easy place to start, and whether you're prepping your veggies or preheating your grill, we've got you covered. The key? Timing is everything! We demonstrate our technique for cooking zucchini, asparagus, and portobello mushrooms, although this technique can be applied to your choice of produce. Watch our tutorial to master perfectly grilled Summer vegetables every single time.

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Grilled veggies are healthy, delicious, and so simple for summer. Today I'm gonna show you how to grill a variety of them. All you really need is fresh produce and simple seasonings like olive oil, salt and pepper. Start by thoroughly washing and prepping your vegetables. Today we're using zucchini, asparagus and portobello mushrooms, but you can use whatever you like. Start by trimming the ends of your zucchini, and then cut it in half lengthwise, and then slice it into half moons. When I prep asparagus, I like to snap the ends off of one and cut them all together so they're all the same length. Portobello mushrooms tend to be dirty but they're also very delicate. So you want to make sure to clean them very gently but very well. Turn your grill onto medium high and let it pre-heat for at least ten minutes. If you're using a grill wok, you want to pre-heat that as well. I love a grill wok because I don't have to worry about the zucchini falling through the grate. I'm gonna start with the largest vegetables and put them in the bag first, then, the portobello mushroom caps and finally, the zucchini. Then I'm just going to drizzle in a little bit of olive oil. Just enough to coat all the vegetables. Salt for seasoning. A generous amount of freshly ground black pepper. I'm just going to seal it up and give it a toss. Be careful with those portobellos so you don't break them. Great. This grill is nice and hot. I'm gonna start with the portobello mushrooms first because they're the thickest and they'll take the longest to cook. Put the cap side down so that you get those pretty grill marks. Lay down your asparagus perpendicular to the grates so they don't fall through. I'll pull out my grill wok for the sliced half moons of zucchini. At this point be sure to close your grill so you trap in all of that wonderful smoky flavor. So, I think they're ready. Honestly, you can smell that it's done. The mushrooms havetheir moisture. So that's how you know that they're actually ready to go. Grab the asparagus all together and just give it a transfer there. Transfer all my zucchini, then you're gonna shut the grill and turn it off. Don't forget to turn off your propane. Now for my favorite part. That's perfectly tender, well-seasoned and just has a trace of smokiness, which is exactly how I liked it. Hope these tips help you out this early season. Thanks for watching and see you next time for another take of YumSugar TV.

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Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 3 years
 @rosabel216 I have to try the maple tip -- thanks! Stay tuned for the report back
rosabel216 rosabel216 3 years
I LOVE grilled veggies! Thanks for sharing that recipe! On my hand, I usually use a maple seasonning instead of salt and pepper for my veggies. It gives a mix of sweet&salty taste to my meals (I get maple products online with rouge maple - they are made or Organic Maple Syrup). Thanks again for the tip with the bag!
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 3 years
I love your videos Susannah!  This is so helpful, I never thought to mix everything in a ziplock!
KarKarB24 KarKarB24 3 years
I love grilled vegetables and this tutorial shows me that it is super easy to do!
Mallory-Stuchin Mallory-Stuchin 3 years
Seasoning the vegetables in a bag is such a great idea! These look delicious.
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