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How to Make a Bridal Shower Invitation

Aug 9 2010 - 7:50am

One of my best friends is getting married, and I am a bridesmaid in her wedding [1]. Thus, I have the wonderful pleasure of planning her bridal shower! It's going to be a simple, but elegant affair that reflects the bride's crafty, down-to-earth sensibility. Before I can even think about the menu and the decor, I must get the invites sent. I've created these purple and cream invites using a printer, a stamp, and an embosser.

Follow my step-by-step photos to learn how I made them.

First gather the materials. Here's what you'll need: a computer, printer, nice cardstock, decorative paper, ruler, pencil, eraser, scissors (or other cutting tool), stamp, stamp ink, embossing powder, embossing gun, gluestick, envelopes, nice pen, stamps.

Start by making the text of the invite. Open a new Word Document or a blank workbook in Photoshop. Write out the message. I kept it classic and wrote a standard bridal shower message, "Please Join Us For A Bridal Shower In Honor Of Melissa Bockhold..." Change the color and font to your liking and double check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Once satisfied with the text, print out on the nice cardstock. Print out a couple extra pages that way if you mess up, it won't matter.

Cut the text boxes out (if desired, use a ruler and pencil to figure out the exact middle of each page for even-sized squares) leaving a 1/2-inch border on the top and bottom of the text and a 1/4-inch border on each side. Set aside.

To cut the decorative paper that will be turned into a backing for the text, use one envelope as a template and trace its shape onto the back of the paper. Cut out with the scissors. Repeat until all of the paper is cut into rectangles that are about 4x6 inches. Check to make sure that they are smaller than the envelopes so they'll slide in and out easily.

On a large flat surface, set up a workstation. Cover with newspaper or a couple sheets of blank paper. Place a text card on top of the work area. Press the stamp into the ink pad and gently stamp the bottom of the text card. Repeat with the top.

Working quickly, cover the stamped part with embossing powder. Tap the extra powder off.

Turn on the heat gun and blow it towards the stamped powder. Heat until the ink rises and turns glossy. Set aside the text card to dry. Repeat with all of the text cards.

Turn the text card over and cover the whole surface with glue. Paste in the middle of the decorative paper. Repeat with all of the text cards.

Slide the finished invite into an envelope. Address with a fun pen in your best handwriting. Stamp and send!

Have you ever made bridal shower invites?

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