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How to Pick a Sparkling Wine

Buy Some Bubbly: How to Pick a Sparkling Wine

In this YumSugarTV special, Jeff Porter, wine director of LA's Osteria Mozza, offers some of the best bubbly suggestions for any celebration. Keep watching to find out what affordable choices there are in the world of sparkling wines and his favorite picks for bubbly from Italy.

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Hi, I'm Jeff Porter, wine director at Osteria Mozza here in Los Angeles. Today we're going to give you some helpful hints on how to choose Champagnes, Proseccos or any other sparkling wine for your New Year's Eve. There are many different types of sparkling wine. Champagne is sparkling wine, but it's only from a region in France called Champagne. Half the fun of sparkling wine are the bubbles. With Champagne-style wines or Champagne in general, you want it cold. It's bright and fresh, and if it warms up, the bubbles tend to lose their pop, lose their freshness, and the wine just starts to taste a little flabby. Make sure you or your hostess has flutes. Serving sparkling wine in flutes helps the bubbles stay tight. Being an Italian restaurant, we pride ourselves in featuring wines from all over Italy. Sparkling wine is made in many different styles, but one of the key things that make the flavor different, is the production method. Prosecco is enjoyed all over Italy. almost for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prosecco's made in a method called Charmont. Instead of making the wine in bottles, they make the bubbles in big tanks and that produces a lighter, fresher, fruitier style of wine. My favorite happens to be Flor Prosecco. It's fun and it's fruity. Some things to remember about Prosecco. Number one, don't think about it. Just drink it. Number two, it needs to be fresh. My next pick is Cal de Vasco's French Iacourte. It's a non-vintage brut. It's sexy. It's rich. It's beautiful wine. So, as you can see, the bubbles are tighter, and there are a lot more of them here in the Brut Tor ddel Bosco. That's because it's made in the traditional method, just like champagne. That fermentation is taking place in the bottle. Another style is rose. what they do is they left the grapes chafe a little bit and some of the color from the red grapes goes into the wine and before it turns red, they pull off the grapes and it just has this beautiful pink color and that provides another flavour characteristic. If you want to excite your guests at your next holiday party, Ferrari Brut Rose is the wine you want to try. The wine's beautiful Speaker: It's elegant and it tastes great. Now I know what you're thinking. You're like, it's pink, it's gotta be sweet. Well guess what, it ain't! It's bone dry. You should be drinking pink wine. I'm going to. This is the perfect romantic drink for your New Year's Eve. Thank you for watching Yum TV. Happy New Year from Osteria Mozza.

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