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How to Shred Brussels Sprouts Without a Food Processor

Feb 8 2015 - 5:00am

Deeply caramelized roasted brussels sprouts [1] might get the lion's share of fanfare — they are mighty delectable, after all — but we'd like to urge you to try the petite cabbages in a slightly more refined fashion: shredded in a zingy salad [2] that will knock your socks off. But before we get ahead of ourselves, click through to find out how to take them from round orbs to delicate ribbons with ease.

Rinse the Brussels Sprouts

If your brussels sprouts are still attached to a stalk, then snap them off. Then give them a quick rinse to remove any surface dirt.

Slice Off the Woody Stems

Slice off the tough woody stems. This is particularly important if you're eating the shredded brussels sprouts raw, but it will also help make it easier to separate the shredded layers later.

Remove and Discard the Tough Outer Leaves

Tease away any tough, bruised, or dried-out outer leaves to reveal the tender innards within.

Halve the Brussels Sprouts

Slice the sprouts in half from top to bottom.

Shred the Brussels Sprouts

Turn the sprouts cut-side down, and shred them by thinly slicing them cross-wise from root to top.

Tease Apart the Layers

Gently tease apart the layers into distinct shreds, and then use them in a salad [3], sauté, or however your heart desires.

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