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How to Shred Cabbage Without a Food Processor

Jan 9 2014 - 3:35pm

The next time you're craving a crisp slaw or braised cabbage dish, don't bother busting out your food processor; instead, master this technique for shredding cabbage with naught but a chef's knife and a cutting board. By doing it by hand, you'll have more control over the shred thickness and far fewer dishes to wash!

Remove Any Damaged Leaves

Give the head of cabbage a good rinse, and then peel off any dried-out, bruised, or otherwise damaged outer leaves.

Trim the Stem

Using a chef's knife, trim away the tough, fibrous, dried-out stem.

Halve the Cabbage

Set the head of cabbage on a cutting board stem-side down — the flat surface will keep it stable — and slice it in half.

Quarter the Cabbage

Cut each half in half. (Again, set the halved cabbage cut-side down for increased stability.)

Trim Away the Core

To remove the tough, fibrous core, make a diagonal cut at each quarter's base.

Shred the Cabbage

To shred the cabbage, set each quarter cut-side down and make equally spaced cuts crosswise (as thick or thin as you'd like). To shred the last part of the cabbage without slicing your fingers, turn it flat-side down and then slice it as before. Then, cut all of the shredded cabbage in half for shorter, more manageable bites.

Use It!

Now's the fun part: turning your shredded cabbage into a delicious dish. Try it braised [1] or tossed in a sturdy slaw [2], or use it to bulk up and add crunch to noodle salads.

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